The SAINT-JAMES Company has been established in Lower Normandy, in the commune of Saint-James, close to Mont Saint-Michel, since 1889.

Its fame is based upon a cult item of clothing "the genuine pure new knitted woolen Breton seaman's sweater". Originally intended for deep sea fishermen.

Around 1850, Saint-James, a commune in Lower Normandy, located 20 kilometers from Mont Saint-Michel experienced a real industrial adventure.
The Legallais family started to spin and dye locally produced wool. This was then resold as skeins and balls of wool to the haberdasheries of Brittany and Normandy, later as underwear : real woolen shirts which gave birth to the fisherman's sweater.

It was the Mayor of Saint-James, Léon LEGALLAIS, who transformed a workshop into a real industry.

Today, Saint James still supply the National French Navy and it's quality remain the same.

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