With all the "Fashion" headphones available today on the market, it's quite hard to make a choice !
We deceided to choose the Eskuche ones.
Eskuche means "listen" in Spanish.
With those headphones, you can listen to your music (almost on all supports) with a real good sound quality.
Available in our boutique from the 15th March.



We received yesterday a delivery from Iron Heart Indigo 21oz. Straight Cut Selvedge denim (thanks Giles).
Those jeans are the strongest in the world !!!!!
We already had some heavy jeans in our selection but so heavy, never.
That's the kind of jeans that you will buy and still wear them in 10 years.
Whenever you buy such a jeans, it's a long term investment.
Everybody should have such a jeans in his wardrobe !



The SAINT-JAMES Company has been established in Lower Normandy, in the commune of Saint-James, close to Mont Saint-Michel, since 1889.

Its fame is based upon a cult item of clothing "the genuine pure new knitted woolen Breton seaman's sweater". Originally intended for deep sea fishermen.

Around 1850, Saint-James, a commune in Lower Normandy, located 20 kilometers from Mont Saint-Michel experienced a real industrial adventure.
The Legallais family started to spin and dye locally produced wool. This was then resold as skeins and balls of wool to the haberdasheries of Brittany and Normandy, later as underwear : real woolen shirts which gave birth to the fisherman's sweater.

It was the Mayor of Saint-James, Léon LEGALLAIS, who transformed a workshop into a real industry.

Today, Saint James still supply the National French Navy and it's quality remain the same.

On stock at Denim Addikt boutique from 10th March.



With Bass Weejun penny loafers you never had to worry about leaving the house without a coin to your name. You could always just tuck one into your shoe.

The G.H. Bass shoe company was founded in 1876 by George Henry Bass. In 1910 he introduced the camp Mocc, an elegant, comfortable moccasin that was an alternative to the hard dress shoe. Then, in 1936, came the Weejun penny loafer, another classic addition to footware.
The Weejun was an instant hit, and the entire family could embrace this symbol of status and sophisticated leisure. The name of this leather slip-on was derived from the word “Norweigian”, the ethnicity of its founder. The shoes were also referred to as penny loafers, due to the half-pocket on the front where a penny or other coin could be slipped. You could carry a penny for good luck, or, as girls in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s did, carry a dime to make an emergency phone call in case a date got a little too fresh.

Available from the 1st of March at Denim Addikt boutique.


Triple Works at Capsule Show LV

In "avant-première", here's some pictures of the new Triple Works a/w 2010 line
at the Capsule Show Las Vegas.
Very soon available in the Benelux.......

The Standard NYC

The service was nice and friendly, the location perfect, beautiful view from our room,.......
The stay was SUPRA !!!
They have a nice terrace-bar named "Biergarten".......
=> the best spot in town to play ping-pong in the summer.



Last week in New York, we had the chance to stop by Katz's Deli.
No doubts, that's the BEST PASTRAMI IN THE WORLD !!!!!
If you will be / or you are in NYC, don't forget to stop by Katz at 205 East Houston Street (Lower East Side).



It's all started in 1899 when Hyman Moscot arrived to New York and started selling ready-made eyeglasses from a pushcart on Orchard Street on Manhattan's famed Lower East Side.
Today Moscot is still on Orchard Street and continue to offer a great selection of vintage inspired glasses.
If you have the chance to get there, you will be amazed by the look of the store (out of time) and by the selection they offer.
Try to be served by Marylin ; she will do her best to get you the perfect glasses you waited for !
info at : MOSCOT