We just received a serie of The Flat Head Z3005 Anniversary Edition.
The 14,5oz selvedge denim they use for this edition is beautiful !!!

The jeans feature lots of great details :
- Limited Deer leather tag.
- Iron button.
- Copper rivets.
- Hidden iron rivets.
- Made on vintage Union machines.
- 50' cut.

Already available in our boutique; soon on our webshop.

The Flat Head.


Belgian based company Bellerose started more than 20 years ago.
They are producing Women, Men and Kids wear.

In the Bellerose stores you can also find a full range of "Authentics" brands like LVC, Engineered Garments, Alden, Red Wings, and many others.

The owner of Bellerose have a great taste in "Authentics" and "Vintage" brands and stuff .
If you are passing nearby a Bellerose store, don't miss the chance to get in !

More infos : Bellerose.



Levi Strauss & Co. Introduced the Dockers Brand in 1986.
The aim was to creat a Khaki brand.

After 24 years, Dockers started to produce Khaki's replica of the US Army under the name of K1.
The K1 line is based on limited editions of maximum 1000pcs per model.
They focuse on details and quality.

The last edition is made in San fransisco with Cramerton material !!!

With the Chino's "revival" and with all the new brands trying to have an "historical" legitimity the best value/money stays the Dockers K1.

Infos : DOCKERS K1.