We are just about to start our shooting for the new a/w 2011 collection.

We need new faces to make the lifestyle pictures.
We are not searching for "models" but for real "faces".

So if you are in Brussels during August and that you have some time to spend, you are more than welcome to join us.

No matters if you are blond, brown, a biker, an artist, a bicycle rider or anything else; just send us some pics of you at theteam@supra-quintessence.com

Don't forget to mention when you are available during the month.
As nothing is for free in this World.... you will receive some nice stuff from the new Supra-Quintessence winter selection.

See you soon.



I received yesterday some beautifuls pics from Afghanistan.

More than one year ago, I've met a guy name Mahmood who came to visit our shop.

We started to talk and he explained me that he will go to Afghanistan to try to bring young Afghan Entrepreneurs in contact with the Western World.

The idea was full of hope and Humanity !

After he bought some Dockers K1 to bring with him to Afghanistan, I've asked him if he could send me some pics from Afghanistan.

He kept his word and I realy appreciat the pictures.
They show another face of Afghanistan that we don't have in mind !
A beautiful and peaceful Country.
We can just hope that Time for Peace will come in this beautiful Country !

Thank you Mahmood for the pictures and Good Luck !


Yesterday I've met an Artist that I know for a long time.
It's almost 3 years that I haven't seen him, too much work and just forgot to follow him...

When he started he wanted to work with magazines, after checking his works yesterday, I can say that he realy succeed in what he wanted to do.

The works he create are realy strong.
The magazines he use are turn to beautiful Art Work with a kind of Pop Art touch.

Just go and check his website : CHRISTOPHER COPPERS.



It's been a long time since we started thinking about making our own collection.

Today, after monthes of hard labor, we get to the end.
For next season we will be proud to present you our own collection.
This collection will only be sold in our boutique or via our website.
The idea of producing our own collection is the result of our way of thinking and of the Supra-Quintessence Concept.
In our boutique, we only work with brands/products produce in Europe, Japan and the US (we try to avoid as much as possible the "Made in China" labels).
The Supra-Quintessence Collection is based on the same philosophy.
All the products we will offer  are produce in Europe.
The European textil industry was strong till the mid 80'.
From the early 90' Asia took over the European production.
Most of the European manufactures closed down or were relocalized in Asia.
Today, there's still a good "knowhow" in Europe but that will disappear if we won't use it !

We have decided to make our production in small work-shops all over Europe.
We have choosen each one of them for the quality of them work and for the field they were specialized in.
For an example : our shirts are produce by hand in a Napolitan work-shop where they have more than 60 years experience in that field.

Again, the philosophy is the same for the fabrics.
All the fabrics we use are produced in Europe (most of them in Italy and England), except for the denim that is produce in Japan !
We think that producing today in Europe is not an impossible mission.
Most of the companies producing in Asia just do it for the benefits they could get from producing cheaper.
But are they thinking about the human rights, the children labors and the ecology ?

Of course, when you have some "old" US or British labels that offer you "an heritage shirt" at 90€ you find that great.
But is it still so great when we know that this same shirt was produced in China for a cost of 14$FOB and that the manufacture who have produced it doesn't care at all about children labors and ecology ???

So that's the reason why we decided to offer a collection made with the best fabrics we can find, in the best European work-shops.
As there's no agents or reps in between us and the manufactures, the prices are going to be as low as an asian products but with a Great Quality !
Here's some prototypes we are just finishing :

Unstructured Jacket made in Belgium from British Wool Fabric.

 Unstructured Railroad Denim Jacket made in Belgium from Japanese Denim and bakelite buttons.

Washed Chambray Scarf made in Belgium from Japanese Selvage Fabric.