Tonight ...

A good book, a good havana, and good music.

Timeless pleasures.

Immersed in the “Œuvres de Jeunesse” of Balzac. First edition.

A "H. Upmann" in the mouth

The Gymnopédies in the background.

Chance or coincidence, this trio has in common to be born in the late 19th century.

Like the first pair of riveted jeans ...

Like Santa Claus ...
From the past I wish you a Merry Christmas !



As you perhaps already notice, we started our winter sales.

We think it's a pitty to wait till January to offer you great stuff at great prices.
X-Mas is on the 24 of December and not in January.....

So hurry up to find your most wanted item at -40% cause that will goes on till the 23rd (Midnight).

Have a nice Winter Sales Shopping.