More than 20 years ago, the denim industry in Italy was very interesting.
Diesel had a line called "Old Glory" wich was great replicas of the past and the German mainstreem denim brand "Mustang" had launch a label designed and produced in Italy named "Premium" also based on replicas of workwear and 5 pockets.

But today that's part of the Past and the denim industry in Italy is very boring (sorry but we are not fans of the "fashion" italians denim brands)..........

Luckily there's still some guys in Italy who understand what denim is all about and who have the guts and the passion to start a new italian denim company only based on vintage workwear and 5 pockets.

The Redux Blue Jeans are all produce by hands using the best fabrics and accessories available on the market.

The know how and the vintage/denim culture that the guys of Redux Blue Jeans have give a result that all denim lovers will appreciate !!!!

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