With Bass Weejun penny loafers you never had to worry about leaving the house without a coin to your name. You could always just tuck one into your shoe.

The G.H. Bass shoe company was founded in 1876 by George Henry Bass. In 1910 he introduced the camp Mocc, an elegant, comfortable moccasin that was an alternative to the hard dress shoe. Then, in 1936, came the Weejun penny loafer, another classic addition to footware.
The Weejun was an instant hit, and the entire family could embrace this symbol of status and sophisticated leisure. The name of this leather slip-on was derived from the word “Norweigian”, the ethnicity of its founder. The shoes were also referred to as penny loafers, due to the half-pocket on the front where a penny or other coin could be slipped. You could carry a penny for good luck, or, as girls in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s did, carry a dime to make an emergency phone call in case a date got a little too fresh.

Available from the 1st of March at Denim Addikt boutique.

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