We have decided to take the distribution of a real authentic brand :
Pike Brothers.
The guy behind the brand have an exprience and skill of almost 20 years in the field of vintage army and work wear.
He decided to creat a brand that will reflect this knowledge.
Pike Brothers is focuse on high quality vintage army and work wear from the 1930-1950.
More infos at Denim Addikt



Those belts are real works of Art !
The Dukes Team buy old vintage army belts.
They clean them up, and rework them by hands.
It makes each piece a "one of a kind".
They have a big selection to choose from and I'm sure that most of the readers will love those belts.
infos at : Dukes


Timberland Abington

Abington is the original name of the brand Timberland.
Launch last winter in NYC, The Abington Collection is coming this winter to Europe.
Built on less yokes for a clean design, with eyelets and a sole that provide a strong identity.
They have a Vibram sole, padded tongue and are very light.
This collection will of course please the Timberland Lovers but also all those who look for real comfort with outstanding style (like me) !



It's not new that we can find great stuff on EBay.
We found a small seller with some nice treasures.
Have a look at :



Denim Addikt handmade jeans

Denim Addikt have released the first jeans made by hand in Brussels.
It's feature all the details we can expect :
- Selvage denim from one of the oldest denim manufacture in Kurashiki (Japan).
- 13,5oz.
- Cut and sewn in Brussels.
- Used by hands (no chemicals or machines).
- Hidden back pocket rivets.
- Donuts buttons.
- Peek-a-boo selvage.
- Selvage fly on both sides.
- Twin lined belt loops.
- Traditional hand felled seams.

The jeans will be made in two differents models.
The 10B : based on a classic 1967 501' model.
The 20B : based on a classic 1978 501' model.

Each model will run on an limited edition of 199 hand-numbered pairs.
The price will be around 189,00€.
More info :



Most of the readers knows about all the American great brands that are RRL, Rogues Gallery, Post Overalls, Engineered Garments, Mister Freedom and all the others that I've forgot to mention !
But today, there's a French brand that we can add to the listing of the "pure & authentic" brands: BLEU DE PANAME .
Those guys started in 2008 with the idea to create a product based on the old uniforms heritage but with the desire to show a well-made product !
All what they produce is made in France.
They are using in the production dead stock fabrics and accessories.
The quality is above all expectations.
I can just wish you to get one of the BLEU DE PANAME piece.
Infos on : http://www.bleudepaname.com/


Field Notes

Here's a great brand of memo books.
Field Notes are inspired by the vanishing subgenre of agricultural memo books, ornate pocket ledgers and the simple, unassuming beauty of a well-crafted grocery list.
As the Field Notes Company says :"We bring you Field Notes in hope of offering, "An honest memo book, worth fillin' up with GOOD INFORMATION".
They are made in the U.S.A.
More infos on : www.fieldnotesbrand.com

Bowery Lane Bicycles

Here's a new bicycles brand made in the US.
The Bowery lane bicycles are made in Brooklyn - New York.
They have a Dutch inspired look that give them this beautiful vintage look.
It features a limited edition classic sprung leather saddle, sustainable cork handles, chain guard, fenders, kick stand, rear rack and a locally hand crafted wooden crate that can easily carry a briefcase, grocery tote and others.
The Bowery Lane Bicycles are as clean and sophisticated as they come.
More info on : www.bowerylanebicycles.com