One of my Friends (thanks Bas) just send me his wishes.

I know there's lots of commercials on the web but check this one and.........Enjoy !



Some month ago I've met William the Owner/Designer of Made By Tender.

That's one of the nicest Guy I've met in the denim Industry.

One week ago we've put our hands on the first delivery of the S/S11 collection :
the result is beautiful !

In the box was added a small present : a soap made by hand in England.
Just for those kind of small attention (that we really appreciat) :

THANK you William !



We, at Supra-Quintessence, are big fans of vintage style sunglasses.

So when we learned about "Lunettes Kollektion" we were quite amazed !

The Berliner Brand "Lunettes Kollektion" have a beautiful choice of frames but have also
a philosophy of seeing things that can't be hidden.

All the Frames are handcrafted by tiny firms in Austria and Italy, wich have been using the same traditional method of manufacturing since the 1960's.

They support small local firms instead of mass production facilities to reduce our carbon footprint.

They only use 100% original Italian acetate, 100% solid alpaca hinges and 100% solid steel screws, wich gives..........100% sustainable production !




It's time to start.
Tonight the winter sales will start on Supra-Quintessence.

We have put some items at 10% off (basics items like raw denims) and some brands at 40% off.

We just suggest you to hurry up as some items are really limited in quantities !



Two weeks ago, the city I'm living decided to put two huge Sumo in a Square located 500M from my place.

Today passing by, I had to stop and take some pictures : the view was magic !

Two huge Sumo standing in the middle of a very "classic" square surrounded by snow !

I didn't knew about the artist, Alexandra Gestin, who have made those Sumo but I defenetly love her "Modern Sumo" works.



Some weeks ago we received a new delivery from Denim Addikt.

They have made a back pocket wallet in Natural Leather and japanese Red Selvage Denim.

As always with Denim Addikt, the wallets are made by hand in Belgium.

I took one for myself and it's now around 3 weeks that I'm using it.

You can see the results in the pictures here above : as much as I will use it and as much he will get older, the nicer he will get !

As they only use non treated Natural Leather, the leather gets a beautiful "patina" by touching it.

I'm using it with a Triple Works Raw Denim and you can see the indigo color getting on the wallet.

I will use it as much as I can to see the result when he will be really "used" !



While I was in Napoli, I went to eat a pizza (that's the place to eat a pizza.....) at "L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele".

The pizza's are one of the best in the world !

The Pizzeria was founded in 1870 by the Condurro Family.

Michele Condurro, son of Salvatore, perfected the family art of pizza making, whose secrets he had learned from the famous masters in Torre Annunziata who were experts in the preparing and kneading of pizza dough, and the cooking of pizza.

Michele opened his first pizzaria in 1906 at the present site of Ascalesi Hospital, whose construction forced the pizzeria to move. In 1930, the pizzeria was transferred to its present location on Via Cesare Sersale, which has often been described by experts and journalists as “the sacred temple of pizza”.

Since then, five generations of master pizza makers have carried on the work of the founder, respecting the tradition and being faithful to Michele’s instructions: there are only two types of Neapolitan Pizza, the “Marinara” and the “Margherita”; and no “junk” should be used in making the pizza that could alter its world famous genuineness and taste.

If you have the chance to get there, just ask for a "normal" size (enough for two....) and just enjoy this feeling of beeing back in the 60's.



I had the chance 3 weeks ago to visit the Calabrese Cravatte workshop in Napoli.

The Calabrese Company was founded by Eugenio Calabrese in 1920.

He started his company with high quality silk ties production.

Later on, his son, Gaetano, introduced the production of high quality canvas and leather bags.

Today, it's the IVth generation of the Family that continue the tradition of producing very high quality silk ties and bags.

The workshop is still located in the center of Napoli (near the train station) and all the Calabrese products are still made there !

Soon, you will find a selection of Calabrese bags (with exclusives colors) at Supra-Quintessence.