X-Mas is approaching.

So to be sure you will get from Santa what you've dreamed for month, we have selected some items that are going to be 30% off from the 01st of December till the 07th of December (Midnight).

Hurry up cause as always, quantities are limited and shipping is free.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a...........



Today was a shinny and cold day in Brussels (-2°).

The sky was so blue, beautiful !

We took a Brandt Brauer Frick CD and turned it on.

The PERFECT Sunday music !

It's homefire electronica made with real instruments.

Just listen and enjoy.



I remember when I was around 8 years old stealing my Uncle "sexy magazines" like Lui, Photo, Playboy and Paris-Las Vegas (for the belgian readers who knows).

Those magazines were real Men's stuff.

I had the nostalgy of those times and magazines.....till I found a while ago Jacques !

Reading Jacques is like getting back in those days.

Jacques is a new luxury erotic magazine; a modern reimagining of the classic men’s magazines of yesteryear. They celebrate a return to the origins of the pulp title; offering edgy opinion, arousing interviews and fiery fiction blended with unparalleled pictorials illustrating the real beauty of real women.

As in the Past, a real Men's stuff.......



We already talked about Bleu de Chauffe Bags some month ago.

Now, that's delivered !

We received them one week ago and we were quite surprised : the production pieces are even nicer than the prototypes !

Speaking about Bleu de Chauffe it's speaking about "savoir faire de proximité", it's speaking about ethical and environmental respect.

Bleu de Chauffe isn't just a brand but a way of thinking and acting.

The owners of Bleu de Chauffe don't want any compromises on quality and production : everything have to be made in France with the highest standarts of production and fabrics.

Well done !



Let's talk today about something that as we say in french "me tiens à cœur" !
Eat Dust is a denim motorcycles inspirated brand but not "just" another denim brand :

1) It's a Belgian brand !!!!!
For those who don't know Belgium, "pure denim" and "Belgium", are usually two words that doesn't goes together well.
So just for starting a denim brand in Belgium : BRAVO.

2) They just use high quality fabrics like a Kurabo 131/4OZ double ring indigo blue selvage denim or dead stock of wool coming from the Belgian Army.

3) The two Guys behind Eat Dust are for a long time in the "fashion-denim" industry so they knows what they're talking about.
They are also real "hardcore" motorcycles drivers and not "Pussy drivers".....

4) It's not one more replicas denim brand but a brand who takes inspiration in the motorcycles world and the denim archives but with a vision of the needs and the fits of today.

So for all those reasons, we are proud to announce that from January 11, Eat Dust will be part of the Supra-Quintessence offer.



We are receiving lots of mails from customers and new suppliers asking us if we only got a webshop or also a real "brick and mortar" shop !

So, the answer is, yes, we also have a real "brick and mortar" shop.

Located up-town Brussels, we started our shop more than ten years ago (in 1999).

We were one of the first shop in Europe selling brands like Sugar Cane, Red Ear and LVC.

You have here some recents pics of our boutique.

If you are living in Brussels or if you are in Brussels for holidays or business we will be more than honored to welcome you.

See you soon !