We just found out a new shoelace brand that we realy like : Pilipiment.
It's a french brand so as most of the times there's no english link but you don't have to be a genious to understand the colors and the prices (5€ each).
We find this idea to "custumize" your shoes with colored lace quite cool.
No matter if you put on Tricker's, Alden or Church's you give them a little "funky" twist just by changing the color of the lace.
The "plus" of those shoelace : they are Made in France !



During last Paris Fashion Fair we've found a new small French label "Cuisse de Grenouille".
With a name like that the brand could ONLY be French !
Means : Frogs Legs.....

The brand built his image on accessories (ties, belts, .....) and swimshorts.
All the production is Made in Europe (Italy, Portugal, France,....).

The brand have a fresh and nice look (kind of prepy but not in the serious way) with lots of colors.

Waiting for next summer to have them....



A while ago we had the chance to meet two brothers who started again the shirt business of their Grand Father.
The Jack Stuart Company started in 1971.
They were specialized in high quality men's shirts.
They had a patent wich was a double hidden pocket were you could put your credit card.
Called "The Card Holder Shirt".

Today the two brothers are using the Family know how and the best fabrics to creat great shirts.

The first delivery will be in January 2012.
For the moment they have a website but that is much a kind of "inspiration blog".
Check it here : Jack Stuart.

We love it but as they say : "It's a Gentleman thing".......