Two years ago we have found at G. Loft in Firenze a new italian brand named "Sportswear Reg.".

The brand was created in 2008 by two great guys (Andrea & Micro) who are real "vintage fanatics".

The brand takes it's insparation from the US way of life going from the 30' till the 60' with a predilaction for the Army and the colleges world.

They put a great attention in details and quality and all the pieces are made in Italy.

More infos on : Sportswear Reg.




"Col Claudine" is the french name for the "Peter Pan Collar".

As far as we have searched, the "Peter Pan Collar" is very similar to the "Club Collar".
The only difference is that the "Peter Pan Collar" was made for dresses and women shirts and that the "Club Collar" is the men answer to it.

The "Peter Pan Collar" is a small, flat, round-cornered collar without a stand, popular for women's and children's clothing in the early- and mid-20th century. "Peter Pan Collars" are a popular collar style for younger children. The rounded Peter Pan collars are generally but not always worn without ties or bows.

What's funny about it is that for men, a Club Collar looks really nice with a tie or a bow.

Each season, we find here and there some Club Collar Shirts in a few collections but it never became a real "trend".

We can just hope to see more and more Club Collar Shirts in collection as here at Supra-Quintessence we are Fans !



Each season, when we receive the new collections we are like kids opening the X-Mas presents.
That's a great moment that we can't miss !

This season we have received great brands/items that we are sure you'll love.
In terms of brands, we already received Tender & Co, Spellbound, Raleigh Denim, Calabrese, Moscot, Bleu de Chauffe, Lavenham and LVC.

We still have lots to receive and our selection will be soon online.
For the moment you can already enjoy some pictures of the shop on this link.



The bow tie originated among Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian wars of the 17th century: the Croat mercenaries used a scarf around the neck to hold together the opening of their shirts. This was soon adopted (under the name cravat, derived from the French for "Croat") by the upper classes in France, then a leader in fashion, and flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries.

It is uncertain whether the cravat then evolved into the bow tie and necktie, or whether the cravat gave rise to the bow tie, which in turn led to the necktie.

The most traditional bow ties are usually of a fixed length and are made for a specific size neck. Sizes can vary between approximately 14 and 20 inches just like a comparable shirt collar. Fixed-length bow ties are preferred when worn with the most formal wing collar shirts, so as not to expose the adjusting buckle of the bow tie. Adjustable bow ties are the standard when the tie is to be worn with less formal turn-down collar shirts which obscure the neckband of the tie. "One-size-fits-all" adjustable bow ties are a later invention that help to moderate production costs.

Guys : it's time to open your Gran'Pa wardrobe, "picking" some bow tie and wearing them.



We always have a big satisfaction to find new products Made in Europe or even better, Made in Belgium !

Yes, although there's a "little" politic problem in Belgium.....we are proud to be Belgian !
What to say about the french fries (wich are Belgian fries), the Belgian beer and the chocolates !!!

So we found an old soap factory located in the heart of Brussels.
The Savonneries Bruxelloises still produce in the original building were the company was founded 84 years ago.

All the soaps they produce are made of naturals ingredients and are not tested on animals.

All the fragrances are naturals and remind me my childhood.