Bleu de Chauffe was presented for the 1st time during the BBB at the begining of July.

We love every aspects of the brand : the bags are hand made in France, they only use vegetal leathers, the models are inspired from work bags from the 50'.

But most of all : the two owners behind this wonderful concept are real nice guys.

More info at : info@denimaddikt.eu


Stewart Vintage Leather Jackets

It's now nearly 40 years that the master craftsmen from Stewart are producing what we can consider as one of the best Vintage Leather Jackets in the World.

During all those years, they have travel around the World finding vintage garments to add to their archives.

Today, they have establish one of the biggest archive of historical garments with more than 11000 pieces of original garments from between the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

If you have to buy one leather jacket this season, try to buy a Stewart, they are real work of Art.

Infos at Stewart.



A good friend of mine, Mr. Olivier Maes (a great Creative Director), is for the moment in
New York.

He just asked me to give him some good tips on shopping, eating & drinking.

So I thought it would be nice placing them online so all of you could enjoy those address
(although I'm sure most of you already knows them).

So here's my selection :


Self Edge : 157 Orchard St.
Save Khaki : 327 Lafayette St.
Opening Ceremony : 35 Howard St.
Blue in Green : 8 Green St.
FjallRaven : 262 Mott St.
RRL : 390 Bleecker St.
RRL : 31 Prince St.
Liquor Store : 235 West Broadway.
Moscot : 118 Orchard St.
Steven Alan : 103 Franklin St.
Steven Alan : 69 Eighth Avenue.
Epaulet : 231 Smith St. (Brooklyn).
The Brooklyn Circus : 150 Nevins St. (Brooklyn).
Brooklyn Denim Co. : 85N. Third St. 101 (Brooklyn).


Blue Ribbon : 97 Sullivan St.
Chelsea Market : 75 9th Avenue.
Il Buco : 47 Bond St.
Home Restaurant : 20 Cornelia St.
Bacaro : 136 Division St.
Katz's : 205 East Houston St.


Red Bench : 107 Sullivan St.
Apotheke : 9 Doyers St.
The Standard : 848 Washington St.

Voilà, Mr. Olivier, I hope you will have the chance to visit those places and to enjoy them.



Good news.

One of our favorit brand "Pike Brothers" will be showing her latest collection at the Bread & Butter in Berlin next week.

For you guys who're going to be there , go to the L.O.C.K area and have a look to a great brand.

See you there.