Last week we've spend some days in London.
We love this City(or should I say Country).
London is so big and have so many differents cultures that it's like you're visiting a country from one side to the other.

We made some shopping and shops visiting during our stay.
Here's the listing :
Albam at Shoreditch : nice selection and very friendly staff.
Barbour at Shoreditch : nice stuff but too commercial and what a pitty : we didn't found one piece that was still made in England.....
D.S Dundee : small shop with a nice selection of good quality.
Y.M.C : nice but quite expensive.
Grenson at Shoreditch : nice shoes but most of them doesn't seems to be made in England but more probably in India......

Number 6 : nice selection but you feel the "streetwear" background of the owner.

Son of a Stag : beautiful denim selection altough there's some brands I don't understand beeing there.

Present : very nice shop and selection, friendly staff : to recommend !

Three Threads : a little too streetwear for us with an English taste.

Dover Street Market : you MUST have a huge budget to buy there but don't go there to buy (unless you have this budget), go there to see and get inspired : beautiful.

Folk : becoming too "intelectual"....

Liberty of London : we are not department stores fans but Liberty is THE shop you have to visit while in London.
What a selection !!!!
From perfums to home decoration, from menswear to accessories : we never saw a so nice selection.
Of course, all what you have there can be found in other places but the way it's presented, the choice of the brands, of the labels, of the pieces : the nicest shop we have seen for a long time !!!!!!

In terms of hotels, we were the first days at the Town Hall Hotel.
The hotel isn't located in the center but 7 minutes away with the Underground.
A beautiful building that was transformed in a nice and modern hotel.
The staff is very friendly and helpful : to recommend strongly.

The days after, we were in the Sanderson.
Located in between Oxford Circus and Tottenham, the hotel have a great location.
Much more "hype" this hotel have great rooms and a nice bar/restaurant.
The breakfast have a large and quality choice.
More expensive but worth it !

For restaurants, there's so much good restaurants in London; we were at the Trishna, a real indian restaurant, very clean with a huge wine carte : perfect !
We also tried an iberic one named  Eyre Brothers : great food, nice crew, good music : love it !
If you need good restaurants addresses in London, I would suggest you to look at : www.bonvivant.co.uk



  1. tu la joue guide touristique a londre..chapeaux frangin,tres bonne adresses,mais pas pour les petits budget.les descriptions son vraiment exacte.continue sur ta lancer,et tu pouras pratiquer mon metier:-)

  2. Town Hall is a few hundred metres from my house. Come by and say Hi next time!

    - Greg

  3. That's a nice place.
    We had some drinks (some...) at the bar and the atmosphere is great.
    I will definitely drop by next time.
    Thanks Greg !