Charles Bukowski ... American writer, born 1920, died in 1994.

He witnessed the dark side of America of his day. Alcohol, odd jobs, brothels, precarious. 
He writes about life, his life in the 50, 60, 70, 80 ... He wrote the vice and poverty, which makes his work timeless. 
And we know that time is often the judge of art, whether in cotton or in a book.

A "raw" man, as we like at Supra. 
A man who wrote his best lines drunk on his old Underwood. 
A man who does not care about fashion but had a style. His style.

A symbol of virility "unwashed". 
With the most extreme defects, vulgar and embittered. 
But proud, honest and uncompromising.

Some like, some do not ...

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