After two monthes being out of the office we're back.
We made a big european trip preparing the next season.
Sorry to all of you to whom we didn't answer mails but it will come shortly !

As we were all that time out in hotels and eating in restaurants, we thought it will be nice if we will give you some goods addresses we went to (summer holiday start next week).

We will start with Greece and the region of Halkidiki.
We were in a small village name Vourvourou.
The village is on the sea and there's a beautiful view.
The village have nothing special and isn't so nice but you have a nice hotel name "Ekies All Senses Resort".
For the view, the relaxing spot and the nice lofts they rent it's worth going there !

After this spot, we went to Italy in the Südtyrol.
For those of you who don't know, it's near to the Austrian border and you already think you are in Austria.....
Everything is written in Austrian, the names are kind of Austrian and they speak Austrian....
Anyway, to be honest with you, we were in one of the nicest hotel I ever been !!!
It's located in a village name Lana on a mountain at 1600M.
The hotel name "Vigilius" is a eco-hotel.
The design is very pure and the service is perfect.
On top of all, imagine yourself waking up in the middle of the clouds !!!
If there's one destination I will suggest it's that one.

We had to be in Barcelona where we spend a week.
We stayed in the "Grand Hotel Central".
If you are searching an hotel with a great location (in the middle of the city), that's the one.
BUT : I don't understand how they get the 5 stars ?
The design is nice but the service is very bad.
We had to wait more than 35 minutes before they came to take our order in the restaurant of the hotel (just 3 tables were busy,
we came back to the hotel at 16h00 and our rooms were still not made, and others....
They have a nice roof with a bar and a pool but it's realy too small for such a big hotel.
People are walking one each others just to try to find a place to seat and enjoy the sun and the view...

After some days we moved to the "Miramar" hotel.
The hotel is located on the Montjuïc wich is not in the middle of the city and offer a view on the Barcelona Pier.
It's a kind of "chain hotel" but the rooms are quite big and well equiped, clean, the staff try to do them best and they have a pool surounded by a nice garden.
In terms of value/money that's a good spot.

During our stay in Barcelona, we were realy disappointed by two restaurants we used to go.
The first one is Catalania Tapas.
It use to be a very good tapas bar but I think that due to the succes, it just became a tapas manufacture for tourists !
The second one is Los Caracoles.
A kind of Catalan brasserie that had for long time good food.
Today it's just a tourists catcher with fake Catalan musicians and very bad food !!!!
The one that stay Top Notch is Cal Pep !
It's a real Catalan tapas bar with fresh fish and sea food (also meat for the ones who love that).
But just keep in mind that it's a bar with 22 seats and that if you want to go and eat there, you will have to make a queue of +/- one hour....
We also found a shop name La Commercial.
That have a hugh selection of Paul Smith stuff (wich is realy not our cup of tea) but they have a very nice selection of silver rings and perfums (Byredo and lots of others).
From Barcelona we went to Firenze but that will be for tomorrow...


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