That's not often that we talk about a women collection.
But this time, when we found out about G-1, we couldn't not talk about it !

G-1 is a californian collection developped by Yonaah Shoji.
He have a 20 years experience in creating casual lines for beauties of all ages.

What we love about G1 is that they've taken these menswear staples into the realm of womenswear by preserving their essence, but reducing them into cleaner designs and sharply tailored fits.

Even their military-inspired garments have a relaxed but slender appearance. By trimming down the silhouettes, they make the clothing even more flattering and comfortable for women.

We don't have womenswear in our selection but that's the kind of brand we would like our Girlsfriend to wear !!!


  1. Love it!!

    You guys should sell clothing for ladies too!!!

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