"Col Claudine" is the french name for the "Peter Pan Collar".

As far as we have searched, the "Peter Pan Collar" is very similar to the "Club Collar".
The only difference is that the "Peter Pan Collar" was made for dresses and women shirts and that the "Club Collar" is the men answer to it.

The "Peter Pan Collar" is a small, flat, round-cornered collar without a stand, popular for women's and children's clothing in the early- and mid-20th century. "Peter Pan Collars" are a popular collar style for younger children. The rounded Peter Pan collars are generally but not always worn without ties or bows.

What's funny about it is that for men, a Club Collar looks really nice with a tie or a bow.

Each season, we find here and there some Club Collar Shirts in a few collections but it never became a real "trend".

We can just hope to see more and more Club Collar Shirts in collection as here at Supra-Quintessence we are Fans !


  1. Love these collars. I have loads of club collar shirts. Love to see women wearing Peter Pan collars, too.