Let's talk today about something that as we say in french "me tiens à cœur" !
Eat Dust is a denim motorcycles inspirated brand but not "just" another denim brand :

1) It's a Belgian brand !!!!!
For those who don't know Belgium, "pure denim" and "Belgium", are usually two words that doesn't goes together well.
So just for starting a denim brand in Belgium : BRAVO.

2) They just use high quality fabrics like a Kurabo 131/4OZ double ring indigo blue selvage denim or dead stock of wool coming from the Belgian Army.

3) The two Guys behind Eat Dust are for a long time in the "fashion-denim" industry so they knows what they're talking about.
They are also real "hardcore" motorcycles drivers and not "Pussy drivers".....

4) It's not one more replicas denim brand but a brand who takes inspiration in the motorcycles world and the denim archives but with a vision of the needs and the fits of today.

So for all those reasons, we are proud to announce that from January 11, Eat Dust will be part of the Supra-Quintessence offer.

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