During the Pitti in Firenze, we found a nice boots company :

R.M. Williams.

The company was founded in 1932 by Reginald Murray Williams.

He was born in South Australia. As he grew up he moved and travelled a lot with his family. He loved the bush and its people and was taught many skills from them. 1929 he returned to Adelaide. 1931 he made his first boot out of just one piece of leather. He also started to make clothes and bush accessories. The company grew rapidly and in 1940 the first catalogue was published. This was the first time the Longhorn brand appeared.

RM was the bush outfitter - the supplier of anything and everything that was essential to Australian life. 1978 R.M.Williams opened its own retail stores- the bush had moved to the city. When RM made his first stockmans riding boots in 1931 he devised the pattern that endures to the present day. Using one piece of leather for the upper produces the clean, classic lines that make an R.M. boot stand out in the crowd.

Each pair of RM boots undergoes 80 handheld processes. You can have them resoled, reheeled and relasted as well as new lining and new elastics. In fact everything in the boot might be new except for the upper leather.


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